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Get the latest news and updates on Covid-19 from the Government announcements regarding coronavirus providing you with relevant legal advice and support for you and your business

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COVID-19 has deeply affected businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom. GWA Law is dedicated to aiding you and your business in the recovery process in the quickest and most efficient ways possible. We monitor the Government’s latest regulations and modifications to the law so that we can bring you the best solution. In these trying times let GWA Law provide you with outstanding legal business support and legal advice. 


For You

We understand that furlough is a complicated matter. We can give legal advice and support you if you believe you have not been receiving the correct furlough pay, when furlough will end, what duties you have towards the company that furloughed you and what notice you have to be given upon returning to work. 

If your dismissal was unfair or wrongful you might be able to challenge it. We offer support & legal advice on how to appeal redundancy notices, what are the steps you can take when you have been dismissed during Covid-19. 

It is always important to think about the future. Rather than thinking of a will as an inconvenience, try thinking of it as a way of protecting your family. By declaring now what you wish to do with your property and belongings should you pass away, you ensure everything ends up in the hands of the persons you trust.

Our team is able to remotely support your with our expert legal advice for the creation of your will to give you peace of mind.

Through Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you can appoint a person (or multiple persons) that can act on your behalf should you become incapacitated. If you do not have an LPA in place, there might come a time where there will be nobody to make decisions for you regarding your future care, bills etc. Our team is able to remotely assist you in the creation of Lasting Power of Attorneys to give you peace of mind.

For Business

Furlough was introduced by the Government as a means of support for businesses across the UK. If you have any queries about how long you can have staff on furlough, how to flexibly furlough staff and what contributions you have to make towards your employee’s wages, contact us.
In the last few months the Government has published a variety of amendments to regulations. This means that a review of your Health and Safety policies might be required for you to be able to re-open. You also need to have GDPR & Data protection policies if you process customer data, which you will have to do if you take part in the ‘NHS Track and Trace’ programme. 
It is important you get the redundancy process right. If you do not take the relevant steps towards rightful redundancy, you risk being taken to an employment tribunal and losing thousands of pounds in legal fees and compensation. Contact us if you need a helping hand in redundancy planning, or if your redundancy policy needs a review.
Since the beginning of lockdown, the Government has announced a variety of support grants that you can apply for.  These include:
  • £1,000 for every employee you bring back from furlough and continue to employ through January 2021
  • £1,000 employer grant for businesses who take on a trainee
  • £2,000 employer grant for businesses who take on an apprentice
GWA Law can assist you in the application process,  contact us if you are interested in applying for any of these grants.  If you wish to receive regular updates click here to sign up for our newsletter.

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