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In any situation, being owed money is an unpleasant experience, if you require our advice or expert services in; debt mediation, court representation and winding up petition. We know this can be particularly frustrating if it is in relation to your cash flow.

Let GWA Law help in recovering your money back as soon as we can.

Let our debt recovery team guide you down the best path.

Whether you are struggling to obtain your debt, or whether you are at a stalemate with your debtor, we understand that these scenarios can be more than frustrating and cause a huge amount of stress and loss of your time. We will listen to your individual needs and provide you with attentive legal advice on the best option for you. You can feel rest assured that GWA will guide you in the right direction and keep you updated every step of the way.   


There are three main stages in terms of resolving debt recovery and, depending on your circumstances, we will assess what step needs to be taken next. 

 The first step in debt recovery would be to try to mediate with your debtor or debtors. It is advised that before seeking legal recourse, to contact a Solicitor to negotiate on your behalf. The GWA debt recovery team can negotiate on your behalf by contacting your debtor and entering mediation for you. From our experience, it is often that an amicable solution can be found without having to resort to expensive legal action.

If, however, mediation fails, or you have tried it before and would prefer a different option, then the next step is to issue court proceedings against your debtor or debtors in a County Court. Let GWA Law guide you through the legal process, as we understand that this can often be an uncertain course of action.

If your debtor(s) is a business, and you feel you have exhausted all avenues in trying to recover your money from them, let GWA Law guide you through the process of applying for a Winding Up Petition against them.

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