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Our expertise in this area will allow you to receive a high level of service and attentive, professional advice. for you, if you have been furloughed, been made redundant and believe you have been unfairly or wrongfully dismissed or going though constructive dismissal. GWA Law can provide you with legal advice and representation.

Our Employment Team is able to assists on behalf employees in a range of different matters. 

We have experience working with employees on a range of employment matters and disputes, both contentious and non-contentious. From grievances to disciplinaries, mediation, unfair dismissal, reviewing and drafting contracts, representing at employment tribunals, we have the well-equipped knowledge to represent your side of the case.

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We understand that furlough is a complicated matter. We can advise you if you believe you have not been receiving the correct furlough pay, when furlough will end, what duties you have towards the company that furloughed you and what notice you have to be given upon returning to work.

If you think your dismissal was unfair you might be able to challenge it.

It is important to understand what unfair dismissal means. It depends on the individual situation but the employee might have been dismissed fairly if:

  • There was a fair reason
  • The reason was enough to justify dismissing them
  • The employer followed a full and fair procedure

If you feel you have no choice but to resign because of something your employer has done, you might be able to claim forconstructive dismissal.

The legal term is ‘constructive unfair dismissal’.

Wrongful dismissal is when an employer has breached an employee’s contract. It is usually to do with notice or notice pay.

Examples of wrongful dismissal can include:

  • Dismissing an employee without giving them a notice period or notice pay
  • Not giving someone the full notice period they are entitled to

If you are unhappy with your current employment contract, or you believe that it does not reflect the current line of work you are doing GWA Law can assist you in negotiating for better terms in your contract.

GWA Law offers a full legal representation service from contract negotiations, mediating with your employers to tribunal representation. Engaging one of our lawyers guarantees that you will be provided with the highest quality of legal services.

Our Employment Team

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Gordon specialises in Employment Law, he has over 10 years of experience and a high success rate in representing clients at employment tribunals.



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