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GWA Law can assist you with bespoke wills and lasting power of attorney suitable for your needs and leaving you with peace of mind that you are protected. 

We will do the hard work for you  and we have the experience to ensure that every detail in your contract is exact. 

We believe it is important that you create a will or a lasting power of attorney, even if you don’t believe that you have a lot of posessions or money. It is advisable to use a solicitor when creating a will or an LPA  because we can make sure that everything you would like is included, correct and feasible.

Sorting out misunderstandings and disputes after your death may result in considerable legal costs, which will reduce the amount of money in the estate.

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It is always important to think about the future. Rather than thinking of a will as an inconvenience, try thinking of it as a way of protecting your family. 

By declaring now what you wish to do with your property and belongings should you pass away, you ensure everything ends up in the hands of the persons you trust. 

Without a will, you could be leaving the ones you love in financial trouble.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Through Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), you can appoint a person (or multiple persons) that can act on your behalf should you become incapacitated. 

If you do not have an LPA in place, there might come a time where there will be nobody to make decisions for you regarding your future care, bills etc. If this becomes the case you can apply to the Court of Professions to act as a deputy, but the process is lengthy and complicated. 

An LPA is quick to draft and can save invaluable time when it comes to making decisions about you and your future.

Our Guarantee

Our team is ready to assist you in the creation of a Will and/or a Lasting Power of Attorney tailored to your individual, specific needs to give you peace of mind.

Currently, all Will and Lasting Power of Attorney meetings are carried out over the phone or video conferencing. All information discussed will be treated with the highest degree of discretion.

Get in contact today to see what we can do for you.

Our Will and LPA Team

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Gordon specialises in Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney, he consults, advises and drafts wills & LPAs for multiple clients and companies to assist with resolving their legal issues. 


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